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About Us



Clifford Blevins, VP of Sales

Clifford is the Founder of Vision Semiconductor Solutions (VSS). He started his career in logistics with the U.S. Army and transitioned from the military into the semiconductor industry in 1993 as a production operator at the formerly known, Motorola Austin. While working at Motorola, he managed to work his way up to the Purchasing Department where he constructed valuable supplier relations that are still being practiced today. He then worked for a photolithography company for 4 years prior to founding Vision Semiconductor Solutions (VSS) in 2005. Along with his wife Stephanie, Clifford founded (VSS), with the intent to connect clients around the globe with leading-edge solutions to lower their standard cost of ownership (COO) for complex toolsets. Within 3 years, (VSS) grew its client base to include over 30 countries and has expanded to include international agents and partnerships all over the globe. Clifford Blevins has been married for 27 years and is a father of five.
In his spare time, Clifford likes to engage in educational endeavors, spend time with his family, and mentors individuals struggling with drug addictions. 

Stephanie Blevins, VP of Operations

Stephanie is the Co-Founder of Vision Semiconductor Solutions (VSS). Fueling her passion for entrepreneurship, (VSS) is one of her few business ventures. She not only operates in the role as VP of Operations, she also oversees bookkeeping & accounting, HR related functions, and product sourcing.

Though she wears many hats, Stephanie's most important is being a mother of five children and two fur babies (Duke and Duchess). She is an avid traveler that enjoys anything that has to do with family-time, reading, and helping people. 


Aliyah Graham,

Business Development Specialist

Aliyah is a Business Professional with an extensive background in Customer Care, Account Management, and Sales. She attended Sam Houston State University with a focus on Business Analysis and has applied this knowledge along with her past career experience into her role here at Vision Semiconductor Solutions. Aliyah is constantly seeking innovative ways she could contribute to any organization she is a part of. 
A self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast, Aliyah enjoys traveling, visiting coffee shops, and blogging about her experiences. In addition, she enjoys expressing her artistic creativity through writing poetry, painting, dancing, and singing. 

Mission Statement:

We will become our customers’ preferred source for spare parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.  We will execute this by gaining and maintaining their trust by providing quality solutions at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.


Key Drivers: 


We will perform with a high degree of competence that is unmatched by our industry peers

Every Time

Every transition is executed with the utmost attention to detail as to ensure that quality is the norm rather than the exception


Our Domestic and International Customers’ alike can expect a Service Oriented Philosophy no matter what corner of the earth they are located.