Vision Semiconductor values veterans and their contributions to our field.  Today we'd like to take a moment to outline a few notable veteran's who've advanced technology as we honor all former and current servicemembers on Veterans Day. 

Let's start with a Navy Veteran and one of the very first Women in Tech!  Grace Hopper enlisted in 1943, invented the programming language COBOL and helped develop military programming, finally retiring as a Rear Admiral over 40 years later in 1986.  She leaves behind an immeasurable legacy. 

Edwin Hubble was an Army Veteran in WWI, a recipient of a medal of merit,  and the Hubble Telescope's Namesake.  Hubble confirmed the existence of the Andromeda Galaxy. 

Craig Venter was drafted into the Navy in Vietnam- and was the first to sequence the human genome in 2001.  Venter worked in a field hospital and developed an interest in medical tech at an early age.  His work has revolutionized medicine, science, and tech. 

We'd also like to take a moment to honor our VP of Sales for his service, and our Warehouse and Logistics Manager, AJ, for his service as well!  

In addition to their sacrifices for this country, veterans make a great addition to your tech team! Please take a moment to check out organizations like Vets In Tech that provides resources for employers and former vets to match candidates with hiring managers.   

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November 11, 2020 — Carrie Green

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