Reflecting On 15 Years. –

Reflecting On 15 Years.

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Vision After 15 Years 

     Can you believe it’s been 15 years since we started?? Can you believe it’s been 15 years!! I type those sentences with excitement; Excitement towards our future at VSS and the things to come; but also with the question, “Where has the time gone?” A business that started out from a thought- "wouldn’t it be cool to own a business?" To an imperative that in order to support my family (lovely wife, Stephanie and five beautiful kids), I had to do something way out of my comfort zone. Starting in the industry in 1993 right after my term of military service in the US Army concluded, I took a job at the old Motorola on Ed Bluestein as a production operator. Shout out to my MOS8 and STL/APRDL Colleagues!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that entry-level position would open the doors to the world to a kid from Cleveland, OH (GO Browns, Go Cavs, Go Indians, Go Bucks- O-H).


Vision is always about looking forward- but as we celebrate 15 years of being in business I wanted to take an opportunity to look back, and then forward on some things I’ve learned about myself and entrepreneurship.


  • Some people-problems are merely perception problems.

     Make it a habit to apply the principle of empathy when addressing interpersonal issues. As my mother would say, God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason! Listen to team members, colleagues, customers, and don’t take anything personally. Remember, it may just a perception problem.


  • Don’t just ride the wave, Embrace the wave.

      As many of you reading this know all too well, this is a very cyclical industry and that might be the biggest understatement so far in 2020. There’s an adage in the semi industry: "There are two types of people in semi-con, those that have been let go, and those that will be let go.” I learned from my friend, Ernie Oster, that during downturns, don’t go into bunker mode. Still engage your customer base, work on infrastructure, do the things you did while times were good because it will turn around. 


  • Payroll from your own Pocket

      Can I get a witness? As a business owner, how many times have you had to tap into your own stash to meet payroll? If you’ve been lucky, maybe you can say never. But I consider myself the lucky one because having to do so made me realize the sacrifices that it takes to be successful. You have to put the promises that you’ve made to others above your own needs. 

Vision Semiconductor Solutions thanks every one of its customers, for every order, for every payment, for every ounce of trust you have given. We are truly grateful. We’d like you to check out our new website We’ve got some great things coming in the future. We’ll be adding more products daily, starting an industry-focused podcast, forming new relationships to better service you, and so much more. Stay tuned…. And oh yeah like, share, and subscribe.




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